Friday, July 25, 2008

NA Update #6

Dear Friends & Family,
The team is doing great! We would like to ask for you to pray for them as they travel back tomorrow in the early hours. Because of time we were not able to get an email from them tonight but I did hear from them via text and today was spent doing some final debriefing and encouragement with the national team. Please join us in prayer for the following:

1. Safety as each team member travels back to Louisville ( BB headquarters) before flying home Sunday morning to their home locations.
2. Christ would continue the work He began in the lives of each team member, the national team, as well as every mslm that was exposed to Truth.
3. Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional healing for each patient that was seen in the clinics.
4. The spiritual stronghold of Islam would fall and the veil of darkness would be lifted from over the hearts of Christ's elect in the land.

God Bless each and everyone of you for your willingness to pray. Saints bowing their knees to the Father is always the foundation for every great move of God. Thank you for bowing your knees this week that Christ might be most glorified through this team.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

NA Update #5

(NA Update #5 7/24/08 modified from original email)
Dear Friends & Family,
Things are going very well here. We have been busy like a lightening trip. Everyone has enjoyed getting to know one another ( National team and BB team)and the team is doing a great job. Team time has been great with our time of worship and study.

Today we did a 1/2 day of tourism- the usual camels & pyramids and such...-- But we also got a chance to do some prayer walking around some significant strongholds in the country. This evening we were able to go out again and meet with our new Mslm friends. God has been good to allow us to meet many seekers on this short venture. Again we were really tired after a long day and had a late late dinner. But everyone is encouraged! Nothing like being worn out for the work and purpose of the Lord.

Everything is going well. No one is sick or feeling bad. PTL! I will try to email tomorrow, but may not have a chance until we arrive home.- JCN BB Rep

Please join us in prayer for the following:

1. The team to have continued endurance for the remainder of time in country.

2. That Christ would finish the work He has began in the hearts of the Mslm seekers the team members have been able to meet with one on one.

3. That the prayers echoed in the dark corners of this nation would expose the lies of Islam and break the stronghold of unbelief that rests over the Land.

4. Christ would be glorified in these final hours and continue to show Himself faithful and real to the BB & National team - as well as, the Mslm Seekers.

5. Christ would bring healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the patients the team members have been seeing in each of the clinics.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NA Update #4

E-mail Update from 7/23/08 ( edited copy from the field)
Today was really good and busy all day long. We started out the day with team time this morning, which was really good to spend together in Praise and.Worship... and Prayer for our team as we then went to the big shopping center looking for those vital relationships with Mslms.. We had a good time meeting new "friends" and spent several hours there. The girls met several other ladies and really had a good time with the nuggets of Truth they were able to share in their conversations. They were really excited. The guys also made a few new friendships and had a great time interacting with them.
After a busy morning and afternoon we then loaded up in the van and went to what they call here " Trash City" to love on the people and care for the sick. We had a clinic for like 3 or 4 hours. I did a talk on Diabetes and one of the girls (J) shared her testimony. She did a really good job! I saw a man that had cancer in his neck that had spread to his lungs. We all gathered, laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. When we finally got back we ate a very late dinner and are all very tired. The team is really holding up well. They have such good attitudes and are really servants.
-- JCN--BB Rep

Please join us in prayer for the following:
1. The new Mslm relationships that each team member is being able to make. Pray the Lord continues to provide opportunities for them to share His love and His truth.

2. The patients at "Trash City"- That Christ would be their Healer. Pray His glory would shine forth in the midst of such poverty and that His power would be displayed in their weakness.

3. The man with lung cancer that is dying. Pray Christ would use the prayers of the team and the Truth spoken over him to quicken his heart to the truth of Jesus Christ.

4. Pray the Lord would continue to give strength and endurance to each team member as the continue a full schedule for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NA Update #3

Dear Friends and Family,
The team had a full day today with Clinics and training. Internet problems have made it difficult for them to get an update email into our office but I was able to speak with the team leader earlier today and he shared that everyone was doing well and really enjoying themselves. I also spoke with our country contact HK and he gave raving reports on the team saying they were a "breath of fresh air and were displaying servants hearts and attitudes!" We praise God for this report. It is always our prayer that any team we send out is more a blessing than a burden to our fellow missionaries.
Please join us in prayer for the following:
1. That each team member would continue to be a model of Christ's servant hood to the national team
2. That Christ would continue to provide stamina and good heath and minimize the effects of jet-lag
3. The Lord would go before each team member daily and prepare the hearts of those they will interact with in clinics and Mslm relationship opportunities.
4. Christ would set up divine encounters with Mslms that are in search of Truth.
5. Christ would grant dreams and visions to seekers in the Land and arrange encounters with our team members.
6. That is each Clinic, Christ might be glorified and opportunities might be made for our team members to share not only the hands of Christ but His words.
--Breaking Borders

Monday, July 21, 2008

NA Update #2

Dear Friends & Family,

Update #2 ( revised version of field Update)

Everyone is doing really well and it is has been fun for everyone to get a chance to know one another. The entire team seems to be enjoying themselves in the country and having a great time. I will try to email you daily, if possible, but the only problem is that HK has to take the email to a café to send off, since internet is not possible and phone texting is limited to 120 characters. Yesterday we arrived late after being picked up by our local friend. We basically arrived together , the two teams, due to our delays in travel. We arrived to a farewell party and had fun getting to know each other and the new people from the other teams that have been serving here. We woke up this am and had personal devotions and quiet time and ate breakfast then went to the "Health Carnival" ( Mobile Medical Clinic), a clinic for poor women and widows and children, everyone really enjoyed this and we had lots of opportunity to pray with the women and children; we came home and the team was excited that they got to do ‘medicine’ and get out and meet people. Tonight we went to the local Mslm park and prayer walked and tried to build some first friendships. The girls & guys split up and the girls met a woman and her two young daughters and were able to make their first contact with a Mslm. They were really excited about this. The guys prayed and met some Mslm of our own. We had a good time making these new vital relationships.

Sunday—The Team arrived after a day and a half of intense travel to this North Africa nation, excited about the what lay ahead. They really enjoyed getting to know one another as we ate a late (eleven oclock ) dinner. ---Please pray we continue to allow Christ to unite our hearts as we serve this week.

Monday—The team went to Health carnival for widows and poor women and children; in the evening we went to park where we met some Mslms for the first time and prayer walked this dark area. --Please pray for these new Mslms friends- that Christ would give us opportunity to share His love and His heart for them. Also for the patients in the clinic. Many have nothing and only Christ can meet their true needs. Pray Christ would continue to give us opportunity to share with them, but that He would continue the work He started at the Clinic.

Tomorrow, we plan on going to a different Health Carnival ( mobile medical clinic) again, after some morning team time and then some Mslm training ( All the How too's in this culture) by HK. --Pray for this clinic that Christ would glorify Himself during this time and draw hearts to Himself. Pray we would be humble servants and show & share the love of Christ with all we meet. Pray also that our bodies are revived and that we absorb all the training well.

Everything is going well, Everyone is in good health . I will try contact you tomorrow, if possible.

-- Breaking Borders
Local: 918.398.9790
Toll Free: 877.212.0562

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Training went extremely well. Thank you for all the prayers during
this time. Every team member joined together in a spirit of unity
asking Christ to bring Himself great glory this next week.

Right now the team is en- route to country. There have already been a
few delays.

Please pray:
Favor with airlines and custom officials

Rest and renewal as they arrive and begin a busy schedule

Christ would touch their bodies and lessen the effect of jet-lag

A servant attitude toward the national team

The glory of the Lord would cover the hearts of the lost in the land
and quicken them to repentance.

Breaking Borders

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NA Team training

This wekeend the NA team will be arriving! PTL... Everyone at BB is very excited about this team and their adventure ahead. Please pray that training goes smooth and that everyone has a safe arrivel into Louisville!
We will keep everyone posted throughout the trip on how they can pray for this team daily.